Time Capsule

Mike Sullivan completes the underhand chop event

Matt Cogar is focused as he makes his first cut in the stock saw event

“Super” Dave Jewett representing Team USA in the single buck during the World Championship relay competition in Poland

Germany’s Dirk Braun setting an event record in the stock saw discipline at the 2015 STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship

Mel Lentz in the hot saw event

Arden Cogar, Jr. cuts his first pocket in the springboard chop event

Chips fly as Walt Page cuts through a 19” diameter white pine log during the hot saw event

New Zealander, Jason Wynyard took home his seventh World Championship title, followed by Christophe Geissler from Switzerland, and Australian rookie Brayden Mayer, respectively

One last swing for Jason Lentz during the standing block chop